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Are you struggling to increase your rental income? We’ll managed short term rentals are the way to go!  

4 Steps to Partner with Global Tourists 
& Accelerate your rental Income

The steps should to work with global tourists should be the same with differently worded content

Send us your address and pertaining details about your property. We will then look up into our database and current trends. On the basis of our research, we will then get back to you.

We will then connect you with a local photographer. He will click photos of your property and help you clean up the mess. You are advised to redesign and/or enhance the looks to attract high paying customers.

Inform us about your client preference and demand a price from our service. We will then get back to you and guide you through our policies and recommendations so that you are on point with us.

You’re finally done! You can now relax and watch your passive incomes come in while we manage all of listing profitable and help you grow your rental portfolio! Sounds interesting? Let’s get started!

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